Ballerina Dress Up Game

In the Ballerina Dressup game, you have to look for the most beautiful and elegant outfit for our prima ballerina to sport on the stage. Don’t worry! You have plenty of tutus to choose from! Therefore, in order to dress up our ballerina, pick one of the lovely pink tutus, the flower detail tutu or the white fairy tutu. The eight-layer lace tutus have either strap leotards or strapless one. However, they are designed to overlay the ballerina’s bodice and to emphasize the elegance and grace of her moves. When dressing up the ballerina, you should pay attention that the pointe shoes match the colour of the tutu. Moreover, the leggings’ length depends also on the tutu and on the ballerina shoes. As you probably have noticed, dressing up a ballerina is not a simple thing to do! Still, don’t fret! By putting her on the right accessories and finding a stylish haircut!


Ballerina Dress Up Game

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