Aladdin - Wild Ride

Aladdin and Abu From Disney: are on a quest and their only way to escape is the magic carpet.  In ” Aladdin-Wild Ride” , they have to escape the dangers of the Cave of Wonders and need to brave molten lava pits, lava blocks and various other pitfalls on their way. They can only do this with agile movements-flying down, flying high, bending low,  crouching and zipping past fires only with the help of their carpet.  On their escape route, help them collect maximum jewels and energy boosters to level up and increase longevity. Collecting rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topazes  scores them points and Aladdin’s “hats” boost up the energy levels. So are you ready to fly and escape?


Aladdin - Wild Ride

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