Princess Hairstyle

It's up to your styling expertise to save the princesses from hair havoc!
Help a princess get ready for this evening's party!
Click to pick a princess, then click the glowing right arrow to continue. Browse the hairstyle options until you find one that you like (make sure to click the yellow-colored arrows to see all of the choices), then move on to the coloring options.
Once you've chosen a style and color for the princess to don, a list of instructions will appear. Follow them in the correct order (if you forget, press the HELP button). To style the princess's hair, click and hold the correct item, then move your mouse as shown on the icon that appears.
After you've finished all 5 steps, choose a dress pattern and some accessories for the princess to wear. Then find the perfect background and frame to match the princess and her hairstyle, and upload the pic to your album!


Princess Hairstyle

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