Bob the Robber 2

The city is in danger again and only this pint-sized bandit can save the day.
Bob the Robber is a hero in disguise - a modern-day Robin Hood fighting against corruption in his city by stealing from greedy CEOs and mafia bosses.
Sneak through a series of buildings, collecting loot as you go. Don't make the mistake of thinking these rich guys are easy targets though! They have lots of security waiting to catch anyone who might be after their cash. Hide in the shadows to avoid the gaze of the security cameras, snip wires to slip past the laser barriers, pick locks and find the passcodes for steel doors. But be careful - if you set off the alarm too many times, it's jail for you! Use the liberated loot to buy gadgets that can help with creeping past the many obstacles in your path.


Bob the Robber 2

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