Hulk Bad Altitude

Nothing can stop the Hulk! Except gravity.
Build Hulk's rage meter and take the Green Goliath higher and higher by smashing through as many enemies as possible!
Play Arcade mode to maximize points and stand atop the leaderboard or tackle Challenge mode to prove how many enemies you can tear through in one ginormous leap! Jump as high as you can and hit as many enemies as possible with The Incredible Hulk!
Choose either "Arcade Mode" to score as many points in a minute, or "Challenge Mode" to see how many enemies you can hit in one jump.
To jump, click and hold the mouse to power up. Watch the mini map for enemies and release the mouse. Move the mouse to move The Hulk.


Hulk Bad Altitude

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Game suited : For Kids ?    |    Free Games


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Last update : 17 Feb 2015, 11:15 pm
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